<VV> Flaring tool

Edelstein and Payne eandp at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 30 08:51:25 EDT 2010


     Over the years I've had a number of flaring tools, some of them cheap and mostly junk, and some not so cheap, but still not entirely satisfactory.  A few months ago I bought another tool from Eastwood, it's part no. 25304, and you mount it in a vice and then use the lever on the tool to compress a die onto the tubing.  Used it to help a friend put disk brakes on a VW bug that he and his son are re-doing, and it worked better than anything I've ever had.  It's not cheap  -  current price is $219.99 --- but I got it on sale I think for about $160.  WEll worth the money.

          Travis Payne    65 Monza coupe
          Raleigh, NC     65  500 coupe

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