<VV> Hard Pedal, poor brakes

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website with tech info on CuNiFer alloy brake lines:


It is a very corrosion resistant alloy of 90% Copper/10% Nickel commonly used in marine applications. Volvo pioneered its use in auto brake lines so you know it's safe. Thanks for this tip, Rick.

Steve Gangi
in the rusty Northeast

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As I stated in a previous email I use tubing from Fedhill that is cunifer. It 
ends easily and flares easily. I will never use any crap from NAPA or the 
thers again. I buy it in rolls. It isn't real hard to straighten it. I have a 
ool that will roll it out perfectly straight but it was expensive.
ick Norris
36 Sunoco Corvair
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 Does anybody have any experience with using Cunifer type brake tubing?
 There have been articles in Skinned Knucles magazine extoling their virtue.
 Pros are easy to bend by hand and will not rust out. What are the cons?
 And yes, my 94 Caprice failed against the frame behind the "B" pillar.
 Frank DuVal

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