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levair at aol.com levair at aol.com
Sat Jul 31 20:58:55 EDT 2010

I just finished the latest edition of Road and Track.

On page 60 there is is article about a tribute 240 Z Datsun raced in 
1970 and 71  by John Morton and prepared by Pete Brock

The original car was destroyed and someone made an exact replica of it 
as a tribute to the original.

I likely raced against this car or some similar to it in the early 70s. 
DP and CP were often grouped together in the same heats. Of course, I 
likely only saw this car as I was being lapped by it.

Of course, I am interested in this story because my some Michael did 
exactly the same thing by making a tribute car identical as possible to 
YS160 that I was racing at the same time--now YSR160.

Guess what I'll dream about tonight?


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