<VV> Drip Drip on our feet

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Wed Jun 2 01:07:54 EDT 2010

At 09:11 AM 6/1/2010, John Kepler wrote:
>Rust holes in the bulkhead under the air-grill by the windshield.  You can
>get some of them from the top....others require being a contortionist under
>the dash

It's also a good place to paint on some rustproofing under the dash 
and then shoot it with water resistant foam.    BTDT with the '65 
ragtop after replacing the long strip of sheet metal ahead of the 
windshield (which never fits right).    It's a popular rust location 
and never easily repaired if it's serious enough to drip water on you.

Don't forget rust holes in the windshield channel under the stainless trim.

...did I ever tell the story about the preacher's '65 4-door Monza 
that Dallas Mangus bought for parts cuz it failed a safety inspection 
and the preacher "didn't wanna mess with it anymore"?   You know, the 
one with the plywood floors and windshield channel SO rusted that 
when it rained, water dribbled from the TOP of the windshield along 
the headliner onto the dash.

Of course you weren't bothered by that as much as you were bothered 
when you applied the brakes firmly and the plywood floor boards would 
warp under your feet and a visible gap would form between the top of 
the windshield and the roof because the car was flexing 
severely.   Oddly enough, from 20 feet the car didn't look bad.

We removed the windshield without cutting away any tar rope... after 
we removed the stainless trim held in place with silicone sealer, we 
simply lifted it out, surprised it hadn't simply blown out on the 
highways and this car saw interstate driving.   The glass still had 
tar rope and parts of the rusted away channel stuck to it as we 
lifted it out of the car.

I'm not kidding.

...the front crossmember was so rusty it had holes big enough to 
stick three fingers through them.    And the old fellow was driving 
it daily.


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