<VV> early model engine removal question (and some humor)

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Jun 3 01:19:48 EDT 2010

At 08:33 PM 6/2/2010, Cash Case wrote:
>Late engine removal is better than early engine removal.
>Let the argument begin.  ;op

No argument here.

Anyway... I always remove just the engine only when I need to do a 
clutch or if the engine needs to come out for repairs...   that's 
both lates AND earlies.   I don't pull the whole drivetrain unless 
the transaxle needs to come out for some reason and yes you CAN take 
an early engine out without pulling the transaxle with it.   There 
are a couple of tricks and the right kind of puller/hoist helps a lot.

And, I can easily do it by myself.



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