<VV> Drip Drip on our feet

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Jun 3 01:52:34 EDT 2010

At 02:11 AM 6/2/2010, Ron wrote:
>Note that those windshield patch panels don't reach to the corners 
>where the rust through usually is.  I had an NOS patch panel for my 
>'66 and it was useless except for material.

The aftermarket replacement panels aren't quite right.   NOS are and 
they fit without issue.   Aftermarket panels can be corrected with 
some ingenuity.

The corner patches are the problem areas and I make my own.   No 
problems after that.   And, I'd wager the joint is stronger than it 
ever was from the factory after the steel patches replace that lead seam.


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