<VV> early model engine removal question (and some humor)

James Davis jld at wk.net
Thu Jun 3 08:47:40 EDT 2010

Ever change the ring and pinion in the differential without separating 
the differential from the engine or removing the engine from the 
UltraVan?  It is more fun if it is done a Pizza Hut parking lot in the 
snow.  I don't recommend it but when you are 1,700 miles from home and 
spin a pinion what choice do you have?
Jim Davis

Frank DuVal wrote:
> I can easily remove the entire drivetrain by myself!
> Well, a hydraulic jack is also used...  ggg
> And it is WAY easier to balance and install an entire drivetrain than 
> wiggle the engine back onto the transaxle in mid air.
> Ask me about changing a 4 speed tranny without removing the drivetrain 
> in my earlier years!  ggg
> Frank DuVal
> Bicep tendon is knitting nicely!
> I should be back to picking up engines in a few months. Ha!

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