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John Howell 32chevy at 0306.org
Thu Jun 3 19:53:45 EDT 2010

If you were a member of CORSA you would know where to get a real nice 
T-Shirt with a `60 Corvair on it !
Florida has plenty of great CORSA members that will sign you up and tell you 
where to get a T-Shirt. Anyone that owns or likes a Corvair owes it to 
himself to be a CORSA member !  If you don`t hear from one e-mail me and I 
will send you an application myself.

John Howell
Knoxville Area Corvair Club  in  East Tennessee

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> Since I own a 60 and since it's celebrating it's 50th I was wondering if
> anyone or any club would be producing a T-Shirt with a 60 on it. I already
> received a very nice shirt from the VA Vair fair and another from a fellow 
> in
> WI. Can anyone put me in touch with the person handling the CORSA 
> convention
> shirts? Ed Bittman in Fla

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