<VV> more perimeter seals & staples

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Fri Jun 4 15:40:13 EDT 2010

Yea, it's fun. Like the EM vs LM thread.

In truth, companies always try to make changes for the better on cars they
redesign. Also, when confronted with a new situation, they either have to
adapt existing designs and methods to it or think up a whole new way of
doing things. 

The perimeter seals are a good example. They chose the "quick and dirty"
way and ran with existing methods, something they obviously thought they
could get away with. It's only later that they discovered that it didn't
age well in real-world service. So since the car was going to be redesigned
anyway, it gave them the opportunity to get serious about the seal and
design a better way of doing it. For the most part, they succeeded
admirably. The thing I think could stand further "serious" improvment was
the mismatch between the body hole and sheetmetal circumferences.

One could chart any improvement that way. Like the choke improvements
another poster just mentioned. The '61 improved on the '60 model, and the
'62 that much more.....

But it's all Corvair, so it's all good.


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> Mark and I have been ribbing each other on these early perimeter seals. 
> He keeps harping on what nimrod stapled the rubber to the sheetmetal. 
> Yes, it does seem an odd way to mount them, and a pain to make staples 
> out of wire to replicate the installation during repair, but...
> This is how all the rubber strips were mounted on all GM cars of the 
> period. What rubber strips you say? The water/rain shields on the inner 
> fenders above the control arms.
> So, GM used existing technology to build the Corvair.
> Later they actually put some thought into it and designed the late 
> perimeter seal..
> That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ggg
> Frank DuVal
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