<VV> Jack's car, was: PG to 4spd conversion ? Aarrgghh !!

Mike Stillwell yenko117 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 13:38:42 EDT 2010

 Brent - Mark's got the copy - I just had a visual of the order...and the  car lived at a house I rented to Jack for 7 years.
 BTW - I didn't mean to imply Jack's car had a COPO 140. It does indeed have a 110/PG A/C.


--- On Sat, 6/5/10, Brent Fullard <brent.fullard at rogers.com> wrote:
> Mike Stilwell: Would it be possible to scan this document
> and share it with
> the rest of us?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brent Fullard


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