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Help! I am installing an electronic ignition that I just  received without 
instructions. I need help in the wiring of the backplate  module that 
replaces the points. There are two wires from the module one red  one black, do 
both go onto the negative side of the coil? Also it came with a  spacer does 
this go on top of this backplate and then the dust cover over it?  Please, if 
anyone knows HELP!
Abe  Arias

Without knowing the brand, it would be hard for us to offer much help.  
Usually, the red wire goes to the side of the coil that the power lead from the 
 ignition switch goes. The black lead replaces the points closed lead on 
the  other side of the coil. You won't need, and probably won't be able to 
use, the  dust cover inside the cap.  You may also need to adjust something  
inside the cap, such as the distance between the cam or rotor and the pickup. 
If  you can find anything that mentions the brand name of the unit, we may 
be able  to help with instructions. 
Seth  Emerson

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