<VV> a new vair in the stable =)

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Mon Jun 7 22:20:03 EDT 2010

Today I brought home my very first early car... I've had a total of five late coupes. 

It's a 63 monza coupe, white with a red interior.  The car doesnt run but I haven't started tinkering yet. 

The body is largely surface rusted but as near as I can tell the paint that remains is all original, no sign of previous body work.  There are a couple rust holes in the nose above the lights and the lead edge of the hood.. as well as a bit at the front of the rocker trim.. not sure what I'll find under the trim =(.  

Overall the car seems very solid and straight except for some very very light damage on the left quarter panel.  The interior is the best part (I think) as it is in pretty darn good condition.

The front seats have not a single sign of a tear or crack and are nice and soft still.. but...  The red upholstery has been discolored a sort of blackish tint by the sun (see second photo link)... does anyone have past experience with this on red seats... is there anything that will take this off or is the color likely gone all the way through?  I'm planning to tackle it with chemicals over the next few days but I thought it would be better to get some advice first =).

Pics are linked here!



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