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Tue Jun 8 21:30:54 EDT 2010

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> LOL!  You've got me there.  Let me clarify a bit... I'd like my vair to be
> quick off the line and 0-60 compared to other Corvairs, not compared to
> anything with double the cubes!
Firstly, if you only need another 10 lbs/ft or so of torque, you need to 
sign a pack in your childrens blood... in my short but happy existence I 
have yet to find someone that wants just a " little more" power than stock, 
and then stops there ... (g ) ....

How about bolting on a fairly stock corvair turbo unit?  I had a buddy add a 
T04 onto his 140 engine, went like heck.  The stock vair turbos and fittings 
are on ebay all the time; potentially they give a honest 140 horses or so 
against maybe 110 real horses from your 140 supposed/ 4 carb stocker.  That 
might be just what you say you want ... I call it a teaser, but it is 
certainly faster when the turbo does come in.  a thrill in fact ... and the 
sound of the turbo whizzing up is always half the fun ...

Or, how about jetting for E85, if you are close to a pump source for that . 
there are quite a few in Iowa now.  I would go for an electric fuel 
pump/regulator myself if going to alcohol.  The E85 would use more fuel, but 
should, if engine tuned for it, give a little more torque also. oh, should 
run cooler, also, ... well, should...  I think some of the guys here already 
are/have run the E85, or maybe straight alcohol, you will need a bunch 
bigger main jet ( richer think ) ....

and of course, the old blue bottle of nitrous oxide is always an 
alternative,  but this requires understanding about what burning 
valves/pistons mean$$$$.

Just some thoughts ... ken campbell, deltawerkes 

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