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It all has to do with PR and public image. Though it sometimes backfires.
Think New Coke. Execs in all businesses are constantly thinking of ways to
sell their wares. It's why nothing ever stays the same. Even products that
have remained the same for decades, like corn flakes. Change the face of
the box, and spur sales.

Henry Ford thought he could sell the Model T forever, and he almost
succeeded. But in the end, progress overtook the T and even he had to

With the LM Corvair, I imagine that it simply was an "oversight", in that
the car was well-known at the time to be a Chevy. So the car's appearance
was cleaner without hanging the "Chevrolet" nameplate on it. The Corvair
nameplate on the front and back, and the bowtie on the nosebar and other
discrete spots were probably felt to be enough.


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> Actually it does do good. Yes, management, bonus, etc. but, the old folks 
> who like the old brand know and follow the new log/brand while the new 
> younger and International crowd don't have the reservations that they may 
> have seen in bad press about the old name/brand/logo. A good logo is
> for advertising; think Mickey mouse (head) shape, think Coca Cola 
> bottle-seen an old fashioned small coke bottle lately? Once in a while... 
> Think of the Pepsi logo. Playboy bunny. All recognizable. Everyone 
> world-wide knows the Nike symbol.
> So you drop any link to the bad press, and start anew, sort of. That is
> idea.
> Chuck S
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> > It's used by top management to justify a huge bonus and raise but really
> > does no good at all.
> > RonH
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> >> All in the repackaging. Why in the world would Dodge spend all that
> >> to
> >> call their trucks simply RAM now?  Like when CAT redid their logo a few
> >> years ago, cost them millions to do it and I wonder what it did for
> >> or
> >> will do for RAM etc? New names and pretty logos must help the bottom
> >> line...
> >>
> >> Joe R
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> >> And the "Chevrolet" FC...
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> >>> It is puzzling why the name Chevrolet only appears on the 60.
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> >>> ACWoolman
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