<VV> '65 Monza 140hp

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Jun 12 11:09:09 EDT 2010

At 11:22 AM 6/11/2010, shortle wrote:
>It was a "dealer installed option"? That I did not know.
>Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
>Still learning
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> >>It's possible that it's legit.  95hp was the standard engine for 500's and
> >>Monza's, 110 and 140s were both options.  For that matter, the 3spd tranny
> >>was the standard offering, w/ PGs and 4spd being the option.
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> >I have a 1965 140hp PG engine that I took out of a wrecked 500 4-door.

The engine appeared to have been original... although it was a '65 
model car.   I've seen 140s in 500 'Vairs before.   I kinda doubt 
that a dealer would have installed a 140 in a 4-door sedan stripper 
unless somebody really had a desire for something different.

It was my understanding that a lot of 140s ended up in cars not 
because they were ordered that way but because GM did them up on the 
line so as to offer a variety to the dealers.   After all... the 95hp 
engine was "standard" and the 110hp engine was an "option" (along 
with the 140) but how many 95 engines do you see compared to 110s?

Of course it doesn't mean somebody didn't actually order a stripper 
4-door with a 140 engine.   Whatever the case, the car is gone now 
but its rescued (and rained-in, car sat for weeks with no decklid or 
air cleaner on it) engine is in the garage, dismantled and pulled 
down for pondering, needs a couple of cylinders etc and one head has 
corrosion on a gasket surface that's gonna require some welding or 
some alumalloy soldering to fix.

"shortblock" seems ok.  Anymore I try to save any 140 that I run 
across in my travels... which others give up on as "too bad off for 
me to mess with".   Got another in a kit car chassis that also sat in 
the weather for years and although its air cleaner is intact and 
tight, it's still stuck and likely has water in it.

I'll know more when it comes apart (slated for later on this summer)


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