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The high-mount brackets started in '66 and had at least two designs that
year. They were strictly for the 140 4carb engine. Then in '67 ALL a/c cars
got the high-mount brackets. Why is unclear, as the 140 was first
discontinued, then reinstated as a COPO, but NOT with a/c available with it.

What is also worthy of noting here is that ALL Corvair compressors up thru
'66 have one belt groove, even though there is what looks like a shallow
groove as well. The '67 compressor is unique, in that it has TWO belt
grooves (presumably to accomodate the smogger, if needed). The high-mount
brackets are also altered to match this compressor. CAUTION: DO NOT MIX THE
'66 AND '67 HIGH-MOUNT BRACKETS AND COMPRESSORS! If you do, the belt groove
will not match with the pulley, and you will easily throw belts.


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> Tim brings up an interesting piece of trivia. The high mount A/C comp
bracket was designed for the 140 to straddle the secondary carb. I believe
it was also used on the two carb motors; but when did that start?
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