<VV> '65 Monza 140hp

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Jun 12 18:01:01 EDT 2010

At 02:38 PM 6/12/2010, J R Read_HML wrote:
>I doubt that the dealers were supplied with a variety of engines for "dealer

Of course not, wouldn't make much sense economically to sit on a 
batch of crated engines waiting for someone to request a 
swap.  ;)   But they would have had a crate engine or two on hand to 
handle quickly any warranty issues with a failed engine etc.

>However, a car could be ordered FROM THE FACTORY with a number of
>different power train options.

..like the '69 Monza here with AM/FM, tele wheel, 140hp engine, HD 
suspension, bumper guards, quick steer, etc.   GM didn't build them 
like that without asking.   Neither did the dealers...

But dealers could and would add extras to a car if the customer 
wanted them.  Not real sure that would extend all the way to swapping 
an engine, but money talks.   Likewise, a lack of money also 
talks.  The blue '67 500 coupe here has absolutely NO options at all 
and appears to have been ordered as the cheapest possible Corvair 
anyone could buy.

All it came with was a heater.   Still has no radio or antenna.   Or 
much of anything else not required to meet DOT regs.    (it's my 
understanding that regs require the heater so as to provide a 
functioning defroster for the windshield)

Such was not the case in 1960... got a '60 Monza coupe, 
heater-delete.   No defroster.


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