<VV> Options on lates

Stan East sgeast at interlog.com
Sat Jun 12 18:39:29 EDT 2010

Many have asked questions about options on lates so here is some other data.

AC could be ordered in 66 from the factory without tinted glass. I have the
original bill of sale etc. for my 66 Corsa with factory A/C and there is no
tinted glass. The glass has the original date codes so none of it ahs been
replaced. The car was a build order with every option except 5. Missing
items to complete an "everything" build are telescoping column, multiplex,
shoulder harnesses, cold air desert pack, and tinted glass. The performance
type options and A/C were all on the order sheet. The reason the shoulder
harnesses might be missing is the car was ordered in early January and built
in late February just after the February announcement about shoulder belts.
The Fisher Body tag has the punched hole to indicate the mountings for
shoulder harnesses are there in the roof.

Stan East

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