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I wish that psychology was separated from the biological sciences for  
study; psychology is used more as a tool to screw up people's minds and impose  
the psych's sociological ideas upon the rest of us.
'Nough said--any more should go to vv-talk--if it hasn't already imposed on 
 this are enough.
Scotty from Hollyweird
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There is more to Psychology than couches.   

Research psychologists study many areas that involve physiology, as  well
as human and animal learning, social behavior, etc.  Often  experiments
require elaborate apparatus.

My research was in basic  physiological processes of vision (the degree
was actually in  Psycho-Biology).  We built our own optical systems,
fabricating lens  holders, filter holders, beam-splitter mounts, etc.

Our department at  FSU was heavily into research.  So much so that the
department  employed a machinist and an electronics technician just to
help build  equipment.  Many faculty and most grad students made their
own  stuff.


P.S.  I never built a couch.    :)

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