<VV> No-option cars, 67 door jamb switch

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 10:22:52 EDT 2010

If you still have access to the info, I'd appreciate it if you could send
me the VIN's and body tag info from these two 4doors - for the 4door
Registry. Thanks much!

Also, hope that you saved all the 4door-specific parts that you could
especially the soft interior parts. Parts for them, especially '67 4doors,
are really hard to find. Molded-in-color parts are an especially rare find.

What a lot of people don't relize is there are year differences in many of
these parts. For example, the '67 and '68 models had year-specific and
color-keyed window cranks and lock buttons, in addition to other
color-keyed soft trim. Add to this the fact that '67 alone has four
interior colors, while '68 has three.

Bottom line is this. SAVE ALL USABLE PARTS! Particularly if they're
uncommon parts. They're as good as gold in the bank.


> [Original Message]
>  I had a 67 500 4-dr and a 67 Monza 4-dr that I combined into one viable
car. The 500 body had neither the door jamb switch or the glove box switch
but the wiring was there, just taped up. I took the switches and the bucket
seats from the wrecked Monza.
> Steve Gangi
> Subject: Re: <VV> No-option cars, 67 door jamb switch
> That car is long gone, so I really have no way to verify.
> But I'm sure they were in both doors.
> Thing is, could it be possible it had a lighting package as an option?
> I remember it had a glove box light as well.
> Gary

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