<VV> Couple of A/C questions - limited Corvair

Harry Yarnell hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
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The oil 'floats' with the Freon, sorta like a two cycle engine 'floats' its 
oil. There is no sump.
If the book says put an ounce in the compressor and accumulator each, that's 
it. Not familiar with the Chrysler systems; I'm used to 4 oz. in the GM 
Can't help on the flavor of oil, but it's got to be PAG oil. Try to find 
some with dye in it, or add some. Sure helps later looking for leaks.
Try replacing a compressor on a Northstar. Fun.
Makes replacing a compressor on a Corvair a joy...

Harry Yarnell
Perryman Garage and Orphanage
hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
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>I am in the midst of replacing the air conditioning components on the 
>wife's 2005 PT Cruiser. The compressor was blown and low pressure line had 
>a leak (after only 38k). After two days of removing parts to get to the 
>compressor and dryer, I turned them up to drain the oil so as to replace 
>the same amount and neither part (or either line) had any oil in it. My 
>question is whether it is possible for it to have been blown out when the 
>compressor went or if the leak in the hose let it all out which led to the 
>compressor failure (I guess the low pressure switch didn't work?). The 
>manual is unclear as the amount that should be replaced as it says to put 
>in an ounce when you change the compressor and in another section to put in 
>an ounce when you change the dryer, and I am wondering if I need two ounces 
>or one. The spec table says to check the data tag on the compressor but it 
>doesn't have that info.
> Question two is about the type of oil to use. Seems there are 4 different 
> viscosities from light to heavy and all the compressor tag says is HD-8. 
> Does anyone know what that means? (I plan to visit the dealership tomorrow 
> as I can't get any help over the phone).
> As an aside, if you own one of these or are thinking about buying one, be 
> sure to purchase an extended warranty that covers electrical and air 
> conditioning. It comes with a 70K one that only covers the drive train. I 
> had to remove the grill, radiator support, weather stripping, electric fan 
> assembly, air cleaner, battery and tray, cruise control, power steering 
> reservoir (with resulting loss of fluid) etc. just to get access. I should 
> remove the radiator for better access, but it's just too much trouble with 
> all the connections for the cooling of the turbocharger. You will also 
> have to buy a complete brand new liquid line as the orifice tube is 
> somewhere inside. While removing the dryer, I noticed that the alternator 
> is also completely inaccessible down behind the engine next to the 
> firewall and that a simple thermostat change is out of the question in the 
> home shop.
> Thanks for any insight on the oil.
> Grant
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