<VV> Advice - cleaning solution for suspension before paint

Taruffi57 at aol.com Taruffi57 at aol.com
Wed Jun 16 19:57:38 EDT 2010

As some of you know, I just had my '69 coupe painted, and my painter  
(in)conveniently got overspray on just about everything.  Now, I was going  to 
clean and undercoat the wheelwells anyway, but I had already cleaned, primed  
and painted most everything else under the car some time ago.  I now have  
to do a lot of that over.  I will pressure wash everything, but where there  
is grease on the joints, etc. pressure washing isn't going to get it to a  
paintably(?) clean surface.  Any tips on a cleaning solution that I can use  
with various scrub brushes would be welcomed.  My pressure washer is water  
only as I lost the cleaner tank yrs. ago.
Incidentally, that little Honda engined unit was bought yrs. ago for my  
business, and sits - sometimes for a year or more, w/o being cranked.  I  HAVE 
changed the oil a couple of times, but not much else, and it never fails to 
 start - with old gas, on either the first or second pull.  You can't kill  
the thing.
Joe Dunlap
2 Corvairs

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