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Hi Mark, I am very sorry about your mishap. You were going in the 
convertible so do just that and we can all commiserate
with you as most of us have a story to tell as well !!! ;-) Use your 
creativity and make some BIG bandaids to cover the boo-boo
See you in CR

Chuck Armer

At 05:40 PM 6/17/2010, you wrote:
>Don't know if I should consider the hard luck award as yet, but I had my
>first "convention" disaster. I took my convert down to the gas station to
>get a fresh tank of gas (it was on E), before packing up for convention.
>While there, I grazed the left rear quarter panel on one of those G&% D#%&
>humongous posts they put at the ends of the island. I couldn't see it while
>backing into the spot where I needed to go. Damage was a couple of dents in
>the quarter panel, a grazed wheel lip, and a mashed wheel well trim molding.
>Anyway, I'm sitting here wondering if I should take my convert or the
>4door. It would be the 40th convention for CORSA and my convert was at the
>first convention. So it's a bit of an anniversary for it. Any thoughts from
>the group?
>Also, if anyone has an NOS or excellent used factory-issue left rear wheel
>well molding for a '66-9 available, bring it to the convention and make me
>an offer, I can't refuse. Would rather have a factory molding than a repop
>because the car is very original. Original top and rear window, interior,
>drivetrain never been apart (except for pushrod tube seals), etc. It was
>repainted though by the original owner before he sold it to me back in
>early '71. And just 33,000 miles...
>Now I think I'll go back to my crying towl....
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