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I first bit the bullet on doing this in 1998, when I was collecting parts
for my blue Canadian restoration. I knew it was going to be a multi-year
project so I needed to store the parts in a compact fashion--given that many
of them would not be needed for years. I didn't want to waste time and money
chasing parts more than once, so standardized on paper boxes (the kind that
six reams come in, with lids) and an Excel spreadsheet format to track them,
including which box they were in, price, GM group and part number, etc.
Saved my bacon many times, not the least of which was when final assembly of
the car moved to Oregon and the guys there were able to find everything just
by using a printout from the spreadsheet without me being there. (I live 4
hours away from them.) 

I computerized the rest of my parts inventory two years later when I moved
from one house to another and had to store my parts in a storage location
for a while during house construction. What was critical during that time
still pays huge dividends now. The time I save by being able to spend 30
seconds looking up a part on the computer then going to the exact box and
pulling it out is invaluable. Not to mention the value for insurance

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You have a point, up to a point. But after just going through my own stash
of parts and doing an inventory, I can tell you that while it IS a lot of
work, it is not as difficult as you may think, AND it's enjoyable work.
Plus, you find things you have forgotten you ever had. I know I've found
things I didn't know I had, had forgotten I had, or didn't realize I had
more than one of, and in different locations.

I even created my own Excel spreadsheets to help in the task. Plus I have
cross-referenced everything with GM group and part numbers (in case you find
something in a swap meet in the original wrapper and don't know if it's a
Corvair part or what it fits) AND Clark's new/repop, NOS, and used part
numbers, plus his listed prices (for sake of putting a value on it all
- for selling purposes?)

Sure, I've spent a lot of time going through my parts, writing them down,
then looking them up in the GM and Clark's books, adding the data to the
computer file, then running off a copy of the list, only to do it all over
again to the tune of reams of paper. But in the end, 1) my parts stock is
better organized, 2) I'm able to sell off unneeded parts, and 3) am actually
enjoying it all!

Sure, it'll always be a work in progress. No inventory list ever is anything
but. But I couldn't be happier. I heartily recommend that everyone do it, or
at least attempt to do it. Maybe my computer file will help someone.
Therefore I am going to attempt to attach my Excel format file, but in case
it doesn't go through or something, and if anyone wants a copy, email me
privately. BTW, it also contains my parts for sale list (may not be current)
and a sheet strictly for GM/Clark's part number cross-referencing.


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> This is sorta a cool idea Ian, but --
> >If you have a spreadsheet listing of the parts you have on hand, ...
> >
> I'm sure many of us here started stashing parts away when spreadsheets 
> were kept by hand because computers were house sized buildings full of 
> vacuum tubes.  Most likely we may have a vague idea that that box or 
> shelf is distributors and such and this one might be interior trim, 
> plus whatever else may have fallen in over the last forty years, and 
> that box over there is radios -- vacuum tube radios (that probably don't
> Now you younger guys may have the inclination to start with a 
> computerized inventory -- great idea, remember a column for location 
> of the part -- but the folks that already have a barn or two full of 
> parts probably aren't going to think now is the time to spend a couple 
> years "doing inventory" ... the last "barn of parts" that I know of 
> that was for sale went begging for a buyer --
> Bill Strickland

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