<VV> a bad idea (not much corvair)

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 21 00:07:28 EDT 2010

I always enjoyed the Lake Geneva, WI Poker Runs.  You went from business to 
business (about half of them bars) to fill in your poker hand of 5 cards - 
obtaining one at each stop.  We always made the Mexican place the last stop 
because of their great Margaritas.
Later, JR

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> So last night I stopped by one of the local cruise in's with the 66' 
> Corsa.. which was extremely well received as always.
> While the car sat there someone dropped a flyer for another cruise event 
> on my drivers seat.. as usual.... BUT... when I glanced at it I had to 
> boggle...
> This flyer was for the "First annual classic car Booze and Cruise".... 
> does this seem like a REALLY bad idea to anyone else?
> I need to see if I still have the flyer to scan.....  it's dumb to the 
> point where people might not believe me.
> Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III

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