<VV> convention pics- a favor to ask

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Tue Jun 22 06:16:25 EDT 2010

As many already know I'm looking for wheels for my recently aquired early coupe... in one of those convention pics I saw a set of chrome modulars for sale and it made me start thinking.... 

If anyone feels up to it I'd love if you could let me know about any sets of custom wheels (even better if they have tires) that are available on the cheap there.  In some cases I'd be happy to pay for shipping if the price is right, and even better we might be able to locate someone who can bring them home to within driving distance of me so I can just pick them up.  Just snap a picture and e-mail it to me with the size info and asking price.  I'll even offer a $20.00 finders fee if I make a purchase based on info you sent me =).

I'm looking for aggressive looking custom wheels for the 63'.  If someone has a good deal on 5 lug wheels that would work I guess I could weld and drill the hubs according to the ski-black website.. don't know how much of a pain the job is.  My preferences are for tires hopefully 6 inches wide.. maybe 7 if the offset will allow them to fit an early... by preferably 14 inch.. but would consider 13's or 15's also.  I'd go for anything I like the looks of but what I know I like are:

aluminum or chrome modulars (the wheels with the round holes in them) 
classic aluminum slot wheels 
Rota RB's or similar
Torq-thrust type (with 4 or 5 spokes)
cragar SS type (4 or 5 spokes)

At this point I think I'm looking to spend up to $200.00.. I know that's not much for custom wheels but I might get some nice used ones.  I arrived at this price because it is what I would have to pay for a set of four brand new chrome modular wheels in my choice of size.... these are the cheapest of the wheels I'd like.  I've had two sets in the past and keeping the chrome from rusting on them is a pain on a driver such as this car (you have to really stay on top of keeping them clean), but I love the look.  

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Lake Ariel, PA
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