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Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Thu Jun 24 09:43:33 EDT 2010

"... Stabil has a different function. It prevents the fuel from  turning 
sour, the Marvel Mystry oil was not used as a fuel stabilizer, but as a  top 
end, cylinder and piston lubricant and cleaner.  The Stabil Marine  product 
is better than the standard Stabil..."
Yes, and STA-BIL, besides allowing the fuel to go to "seed," also  inhibits 
ethanol-caused water separation and corrosion. The marine product does  
more than the standard product; I've used both, and presently use only the  
marine product... goes in all, three Vairs (two of which are driven  daily). 
Here in Florida, all readily available fuel is 10%  ethanol-infected. Prior to 
using STA-BIL, was having a consistent issue with  idle circuits going lean 
and having to blow out circuits with carb cleaner and  compressed air. Now, 
for about a year and a half, no idle circuit  issues. Non-treated, 
ethanol-infected fuel--it appears--does something bad  to the inside of Corvair 
Mike Mauro 

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