<VV> Reunion, was: Convention - thoughts

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 18:28:26 EDT 2010

For the record, I missed listing Bill Hadley. So there were at least seven
of us there (but still only two cars). Still amazing when you think of it.
The '71 convention seems a lifetime ago, but then maybe it was.....

-Mark (Jack Benny's age - 39, AGAIN!)

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> Subject: <VV> Convention - thoughts (long)
> Well, this year's convention is over. It was the 40th CORSA convention, so
> I tried to get all those who attended the first one in '71 together for a
> photo-op. That was like herding cats. For the most part, it didn't happen,
> much as I tried. Finally, during the car display, I DID manage to get a
> shot taken of myself and Tom Seversin with our two cars. Probably the only
> two cars from the '71 convention still in the "original" owners' hands
> along with their owners. I've owned my convert since Easter '71, but I
> don't know how much longer Tom's had his '64 Spyder Sprint convert. 
> The rest of the group were Larry Claypool, Ron Fedorziak, Mike McKeel, and
> Ken Maxwell. The latter two had to leave before I got it all together, and
> Larry bowed out, while Ron was still roaming around shooting pictures.
> Sorry if I missed anyone else. BTW Larry, Ron, and myself are the only
> who have attended all 40 conventions, and Larry holds the record for
> driven to the most ones, usually (but NOT always) in a Corvair.

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