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Jack Kean jkean at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 27 13:57:18 EDT 2010

Bob hit the nail right on the top of the head.

One thing that comes to mind is what happens before every major air show 
in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Someone from the media is given a RIDE in 
a fighter jet. Well, we don't have fast attack fighters, but we have any 
number of events during the course of the week for the media to 
"participate" in. Riding in an autocrosser (notice I didn't say driving) 
comes to mind ("Unsafe at any Speed?). Possibilities should be endless..

One caveat. I've not attended a convention since it was in Houston, so 
take these thoughts for what they are.

jack kean
arlington, texas

On 6/27/2010 12:10 PM, Vairtec Corporation wrote:
> There is a lesson here for future event organizers.  It is very
> difficult to get the attention of media outlets, be they print,
> broadcast, or online.  You need more than an event taking place, you
> need a "hook" that is relevant to the media outlet's audience.

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