<VV> Special wheel CENTER FIT

Nick Elzinga starship at worldonline.co.za
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Well generally it never is a problem, but personally I don't like the idea
of running non hub centric wheels, so I get hub centric or spigot rings if
you prefer, which are often available off the shelf from the local
after-market wheels shop.  However, if they can't supply the correct size,
an engineering shop can easily turn out a set in aluminum and that sorts out
the issue.  There are hundreds of them for sale on ebay, so measure the
inner and outer diameters and see what's available.  Often the sizes are in
point something of a mm so there's no play.


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What about all those aftermarket aluminum wheels out there that had 
NO center hub support at all?

Cragar wheels come to mind, also Keystones and ET alloys.   None of 
these wheels had any center hub fit.   They never seemed to be any 
trouble at all, including those 4-lug ET wheels that ended up on 
early 'Vairs.


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