<VV> Solar Cavalier

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 28 02:21:59 EDT 2010


I have an original Solar catalog, and every once in a while one turns up in
the swap meets. Also some private photos of the one I once drove (Art's
personal demo). 

The key is that every one was custom built to customer order. So every one
differs. How much of it do you want to do? Don't know if you'd be able to
reproduce some of it, especially getting the special wheels he used.


> [Original Message]
> From: BILL FENEMORE <fenemore at rogers.com>
> Subject: <VV> Solar Cavalier
> Hi Anyone have pictures of a Solar Cavalier. I saw a green one in the
background at Cedar Rapids.I would be interested in re creating one
sometime I have a vent top roof looking for a body. Thanx Bill

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