<VV> need advice re: leaky gas tank

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Wed Jun 30 14:13:46 EDT 2010

There's a guy here in NJ who recently acquired a customized Corvair once  
belonging to industrial designer, Raymond Loewy.  He and I have been  
communicating back and forth because I'm hoping to research a possible article  for 
the communique on the car.  Anyway, I received the note, below,  from him.  
Being mechanically challenged, I'm passing this along to  all you out there 
and I will pass along to him your advice and  observations.
Thanks in advance,
~Bill Stanley
His note:
<Just a quick note to let you know  the Loewy Corvair is currently "off the 
road" due to a severe fuel leak.  
It looks like I'll need to replace the  gas tank.
When I try to fill up, I put more gas  on the ground than in the car 
........ the leak seems to be the tank itself not  the hosed connections that are 
usual suspects.
If you have any hints to make this job  easier I'd really like to hear 

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