<VV> Receiving payment for Corvairs

David B. Neale david.neale3 at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 1 16:57:48 EDT 2010

The scams referred to in previous VV submissions regarding scams in 'payment' for Corvairs is also common here in England, and across Europe, especially where the 'buyer' sends more money, (on a cheque), than the agreed price of the car... and etcetera.

Insofar as I am aware, an electronic payment is very much safer, and can be arranged, (through a bank), from virtually any country on the planet. I bought my Corvair from a CORSA member, and sent the monies, very easily, conveniently and cheaply, from my bank in the centre of England to the seller's bank in the USA. The seller received the money within hours. 

Whilst I didn't make enquiry of my bank, I am fairly certain that the transaction was essentially irrevocable, in that I could not have repatriated the monies to my account once they had been received by the seller.  I could be wrong in this, but simple enquiries at your bank would settle the question.

What it does require is that the buyer will require your full name, bank's name, bank account number, and sorting code.  However, you gave that away every time you wrote a cheque (I think you say 'check'), for something that you purchased, did you not?  The cheque is essentially dead in Britain; most shops, store, petrol stations and etcetera refuse to accept them now.

I don't know whether this helps, but I hope it does!


'65 Monza 140 HP Convertible 4-speed, sporting brand-new rocker panels ..,. (we call them sills here). 

PS; when the old rocker panels were removed, 37 lbs. of debris were removed also in the form of rust, dust and dirt. 37 lbs!


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