<VV> Collateral damage was done by piston break ? (1967 Monza 110 PG)

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Wed Nov 3 14:56:09 EDT 2010

I'm very curious about how such a large piece of my piston broke off with
such a clean break, and apparently very recently since the surfaces are not
burned from running the engine for very long in that condition.


Also, how did such a large piece make it between the side of the piston and
the cylinder wall with doing some major damage to the walls ?

And if it got 'ground up' what collateral damage was done to cams, etc ?

This is very curious indeed, and while I've seen pix of badly damaged
pistons, this is the 'neatest' damage I have seen !
It almost looks like a GM 'cutaway' model of a piston ?

Am I right or is this kind of clean, precise damage normal ?

Thanks for sharing (and resolving ?) my curiosity !

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From: "Mark Durham" <62vair at gmail.com>
To: "Charles Lee" <Chaz at properproper.com>

The aluminum piston material may have worn away over time, and any
pieces are ground up by the rotating mass of the crank/rods or the cam
and went to the oil filter. Not much you can do about something you
cannot find. Since you have taken the pan off and checked/cleaned the
screen, you should be good to go.

Mark Durham

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