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Could you post the contents of your on the road repair parts and tool kit?  With the many miles you have herded Corvairs you must have the road kit down to a science.  I would have never thought of the fuel line problems . . .  or a kit and some line so you wouldn't have to carry every line with you.   If you have done this before and I missed it (happens too often) I would still like to see a copy, if not any Corvair owner that drives any distance would find it helpful.

Terry Kalp

---- Smitty <vairologist at cox.net> wrote: 
> Smitty Says;  Proud of you Tim.  There aren't many of us willing to 
> experience roadside tech sessions it seems.  Onward and upward, never say 
> die.  It is amazing how the Corvair can get you there against all odds if 
> one shows just a little ingenuity.  Tain't gonna happen with a new car. 
> Several years ago as I was pulling into a camp ground with the camper on the 
> back of the wagon a guy in a pickup was pulling out.  He rolled down the 
> window and said, either you are the best mechanic in the world or the most 
> crazy S** Of  A  B***h in the world.  That's the way it should be for all of 
> us.  Our badge of honor.  If you leave home with it, then come back with it 
> running.
> On your line failure I have a comment to make.  I know that double flares 
> are difficult to make properly with a hand kit.  But I carry a couple 
> lengths of different size tubing and a hand kit when I travel.  You would be 
> surprised how far you can get on a good single flare as opposed to a cracked 
> double flare. 

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