<VV> Ethanol-Free Petition

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Nov 7 07:36:13 EST 2010

Corn's fer likker dang it!

>>... authority to  make sure ethanol free premium unleaded gasoline is 
> Looking at the pure-gas website it looks like it is available, in select
> locations -- if it is not available near your location it is either a
> marketing problem or state or other regulations, it would seem. I do not
> see the benefit of a Federal petition.
> And the pure-gas list is far from complete.
> The real issue with ethanol isn't how it burns, it is how it makes fuel
> absorb water (just like regular brake fluid) -- the water and ethanol
> then forms some corrosive agent that eats your carbs and metal gas tanks
> and the inside of fuel lines, especially in cars and boats in any length
> of storage -- some say anything over three days.  Marine Stabil seems to
> counter act this problem, but not as well as using ethanol free fuel.
> Bill Strickland

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