<VV> Baffle Instalation

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Nov 8 22:28:01 EST 2010

Ah, I stand corrected. The PUSH ROD GUIDES do retain the push rod tubes and 
> re-torquing of the nuts that secure the guides is an obvious necessary.
> Loosening and re-torquing ALL the head "nuts" might be a good suggestion, 
> but I
> have never done this when just replacing the push rod tube seals!
Smitty Says, here's my take on that.  On the very first engines I worked I 
noted that the upper part of the head gaskets were embeded deeper into the 
heads than the lower parts.  I even considered that the head nuts turn 
easier when being torqued,  and that was causing it.  I was not sure of that 
but I did know it was common prectice to change O rings by loosening and 
removing the studs only.  When I got my KD surfacing tool for the heads it 
gave me a chance to test my theory,  On all engines I have built since then 
I have used progressive un-torqing to do an O ring job or remove heads.  Not 
one of them has shown deeper embedding of the gasket in the head register at 
the top.  They have been pressed equally all the way around.  Sorry Mike but 
I have to stand up for my findings. 

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