<VV> Venolia Pistons

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Tue Nov 9 08:04:03 EST 2010

Depending on budget, you might also consider using those with a set of Clark's new cylinders, I'm pretty sure they are available in standard bore.


On Nov 8, 2010, at 11:57 PM, sethracer at aol.com wrote:

> It would be interesting to see pistons that, by themselves, could convert  
> ANY Corvair cylinder head to a 12.5 to 1 compression. I have seen heads with 
> a  ton of welding and shaping that, even with worked-over pop-up pistons 
> barely  reached a real 11 or 11.5 to 1. Brian - It's time to looking for 6 new 
> cylinders! If you find six new cylinder kits with factory pop-up pistons - 
> for  the smog engines, toss the stock pistons and go have fun. Be sure to 
> check for  intrusion into the combustion chamber and valve clearance.

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