<VV> Removing piston connecting rod caps & journal care

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Nov 9 23:12:21 EST 2010

At 05:33 PM 11/9/2010, Charles Lee wrote:
>On #3 (the problem cylinder in my case) I noticed a tiny nick in the
>journal, that I can barely feel only with my fingernail about 1/2" CCW from
>the oil hole (looking forward).
>I had used soft plastic hoses over the rod studs when removing #3, but one
>slipped off and the stud touched the journal.
>It may have caused the nick, but there is also a 'score' on the inside of
>the bearing in the same place, so it may have been there already (but how ?)
>In either case, is this fatal ? or can it be filed down (as recommended by
>NAPA) leaving a slight low spot ?

NAPA says to file down a nick?   WTF??   NO do not touch the crank 
with a file, ever.

>I bought some 2000 grit 'wet or dry' sandpaper in lieu of Emory/crocus
>cloth, which I have been unable to find.
>The Emory/crocus cloth is not as fine as the sandpaper.
>WD-40 etc, was recommended to be used to minimize scratching either way.
>Is the Emory/crocus cloth essential, or is the sandpaper OK (if I can't find
>the Emory/crocus cloth) ?

Use 600 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper with your favorite brand of 
penetrating oil and polish until the nick is gone.

Most machine shops that turn crankshafts seldom use anything much 
finer than 320 grit belts when they finish-polish a reman'ed 
crank.   The 600 grit paper is way-overkill fine for a crankshaft 
journal surface polish.  But, it should still remove a tiny nick like 
what you'd expect to get from a misguided rod bolt.

Don't waste your time trying to find emory paper.   The 600 grit 
wet-or-dry sandpaper is better anyway and won't crumble apart if it 
gets wet or oiled.


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