<VV> Removing piston connecting rod caps & journal care

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Tue Nov 9 17:33:26 EST 2010

Yes, thanks, so it seems even a light, steel hammer is too "brutal" for the
job ?
I sold my only brass hammer with my wire wheels years ago ...

On #3 (the problem cylinder in my case) I noticed a tiny nick in the
journal, that I can barely feel only with my fingernail about 1/2" CCW from
the oil hole (looking forward).

I had used soft plastic hoses over the rod studs when removing #3, but one
slipped off and the stud touched the journal.

It may have caused the nick, but there is also a 'score' on the inside of
the bearing in the same place, so it may have been there already (but how ?)

In either case, is this fatal ? or can it be filed down (as recommended by
NAPA) leaving a slight low spot ?

I bought some 2000 grit 'wet or dry' sandpaper in lieu of Emory/crocus
cloth, which I have been unable to find.
The Emory/crocus cloth is not as fine as the sandpaper.

WD-40 etc, was recommended to be used to minimize scratching either way.

Is the Emory/crocus cloth essential, or is the sandpaper OK (if I can't find
the Emory/crocus cloth) ?


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