<VV> Porsche involvement

Crawford Rose crawfordrose at msn.com
Wed Nov 10 07:39:57 EST 2010

I happened to be reading Karl Ludvigsen's book about the Corvair and there is a forword by Ed Cole in which the father of the Corvair specifically denies any involvement with Porsche.  He discusses a relationship with an individual at Volkswagen, Heinz (not Ferry).  Cole admits that GM acquired 356s to act as mules for the drivetrain and suspension they developed. Photos of the prototype Holden used by GM to disguise the Corvair and to act as a test mule bear no resemblance to any Porsche, ever. Lets say it resembles an early late-model. Even if Volkswagen was consulted on some issue or another, Cole admits being influenced in his design choice by his flying experience with planes using six cylinder engines.
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