<VV> Removing piston connecting rod caps & journal care

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Wed Nov 10 16:29:05 EST 2010

I am planning on replacing the bearings (once I figure out what size to 
use), but want to avoid damaging the crank, or putting new bearings on a bad 
crank, that will just chew up the new bearings ?

Thanks for the great tutorial !

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> How important this is kind of depends up which part of the journal the 
> nick is located.  If it is on the main thrust part one should take great 
> care to not create any kind of a flat spot.  Your description leads me to 
> think yours is on the side of the journal.  Either way, if you look very 
> closely, a nick usually consists of two parts.  1.  An area from which 
> material has been displaced and is lower than the normal surface; 2. the 
> displaced material which is higher than the normal surface.
> Do not be concerned with the area that is lower than the surrounding 
> surface.  Sandpaper of any type is not really the best choice so I would 
> use a very fine honing stone and something like honing oil.  Working with 
> just a touch at a time. take off ONLY the portion which is higher than the 
> normal surface.  This is a fussy little job and very high power magnifying 
> glasses and plenty of light are required.  When complete the lower area 
> will still be visible and the former higher area will be at the same level 
> as the normal surface with NO flat spot.
> As long as you are starting with mostly new parts it would probably be 
> wise to replace the bearing shell.
> Ken P

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