<VV> Removing piston connecting rod caps and journal care

Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 14:46:48 EST 2010

Actually ANY type of sandpaper is the wrong approach to a nick because
the sandpaper is flexible and you will sand where you do not want to.
A small light weight file just drug across the nick backwards will
usually take it off and not overdo it because you are not putting
pressure on the crank surface  and the only place the file teeth will
grap is the nick, it won't grab on a smooth surface pulling it
backward with no pressure. Then use the 2000 grit to micro polish the
journal with , I use WD-40, but any penetrant oil will work, then wipe
things real clean. I use Wally World brake cleaner on everything, Its
cheap and removes any residue.  Mark Durham

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