Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Wed Nov 10 23:09:47 EST 2010

At 08:16 AM 11/10/2010, Harry Smith wrote:

>I surmise that someone did some work on it not too long ago and left the one
>bolt in the back cover loose. When they were finished they fired it up and
>heard a horrendous noise as the bolt hit the back of the flywheel. Having no
>idea what was causing the noise they shut it down and started to take it
>apart again but then just gave up.

First thing, check that flywheel.  The best most efficient way to 
have the bellhousing-to-crankcase bolts walk out and autograph the 
back of the flywheel is to let the car vibrate down the road for a 
few days with an out-of-round loose rattling flywheel.   It also 
helps grease up your driveway.

It is also worth mentioning that the bolts at the bottom where the 
inner bellhousing casting is "raised" do NOT use washers, but the 
other bolts do.  If washers are used on the bottom bolts the flywheel 
will rub on them when you step on the clutch.  It will be THAT close...

>This is supported by the cleanliness of the insides and the appearance of
>the rear main seal, you can still read the part number and it is still
>supple. Also the mark on the flywheel suggests it was not running long as it
>is not a deep groove, only surface scrapes, all the bolts are coming out
>easily and all the gaskets are releasing without any problem.

May well be that it's all OK... except of course for that flywheel 
which is now very much suspect.  Check it close.  I noticed it's 
riveted and not bolted which means it's original and almost certain 
to be loose by now.  Bolted flywheels can be had from vendors, or if 
you're good with drills, grinders, taps, etc and have access to a 
home-brew jig or can make your own, you can bolt it up yourself... or 
get somebody who has done it before to bolt it up for you.   Either 
way, check it for loosened rivets.   One way is to drop it flat onto 
the ground (NOT pavement or a sidewalk) and listen for buzzes and 
rattles when it bounces.   Or, smack it with a rubber mallet a few 
times, listen for rattles and/or buzzes.


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