<VV> Late Model Light Switch

John Howell 32chevy at 0306.org
Fri Nov 12 20:30:11 EST 2010

Would someone that really knows the wiring and operation of the late model Corvair light switch can verify if the green wire going from the light switch to the fuse block should supply power to the fuse block for the panel lights when the knob is pulled out to the first notch ?  My old switch does not do this and a new switch I bought does not do that either, both send power to the purple wire when pulled out to the first notch.
 Testing continuity from a grey wire to a panel bulb thru the fuse block out thru the green wire to the point on the light switch where the green wire terminates shows a complete circuit but the light switch does not send power through this point. I am stumped as to how this is supposed to work, the service manual wiring diagram leaves alot to be desired. So I am without any panel lights.

John Howell
`66 Corsa Convertible

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