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At 06:51  AM 11/8/2010, Karl Haakonsen wrote:
>After reading Tony Underwood's  email, I did some googling and found 
>a reference to a 14-page article  in the Automobile Quarterly in 1970 
>(volume 8, no. 4) entitled  "Remember the Corvair? - Here's a Look at 
>What We  Lost."
>Does anybody have a copy of  this?

I have a copy handy......
Bob Helt
In it Karl wrote, and I quote......
"Some industry watchers, especially in Europe, spread the story that the  
Corvair had actually been designed by the Porsche organization under contract 
to  Chevrolet. Porsche, of course had designed the original Volkswagen. 
This story  was false. Porsche did not consult or advise on any aspect of the 
Corvair's  design. At the time, Chevrolet had more than 2000 engineers and 
was, it would  seem, quite capable of handling the job. Ferry Porsche was 
interested in the  Corvair, of course, and through Huschke von Hanstein arranged 
to buy one of the  first ones made."
Karl Ludvigsen

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