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> window cracked for additional ventilation.  I have lost  my copy.   Anyone
> got one they can scan?
> I don't have a copy - Sorry!  But since conspiracy theories are  so "hot"
> these days, how about a good conspiracy theory? Even if not a  conspiracy,
> still a theory!  Even though GM knew about exhaust packing  leakage (if 
> not
> "properly maintained"), GM still installed neoprene O-rings in  pushrod 
> tubes,
> so that the resultant oil leakage would cause some smoke/odor to  be drawn
> into the passenger compartment, via the heater/defroster,  causing  the
> driver or passenger to crack open a vent window to get rid of the smoke, 
> thus
> also exhausting the carbon monoxide from the leaking exhaust packings, 
> and
> saving the driver to once again go forth and buy another GM car! Hey, 
> nobody
> wants to kill their customers!
> Seth  Emerson
AHA!  I think  you have nailed it ..  that is, the basis for the " TWEETY  " 
awards sometimes showing up at meetings of Corvairs ...    as I remember it, 
back in that day, each corvair came with a live TWEETY;  the idea being that 
the owner/driver keep a sharp eye on the activity of the little bird;;;; 
when the activity stopped, it was time to re-fit new O rings on the pusherod 
tubes & new gaskets on the exhaust joints   ....  and also order out a new 

And so even today, the TWEETY awards rewards us Nostalgic Corvair types with 
a warm and fuzzy ... well, featherly...feeling ...

An additional little reported fact was that George Gobel ( a well known 
humoroust of that day ) was a Fan on  ... er .. of ... the Corvair, and 
often referred to his exhausted  ( get it ?  )  avion ...  " well I'll be a 
dirty Bird " ...

Funny how small a world it really is, if you think about it a lot ...

Reargards. ken campbell, " 2 questions for every answer, no waiting ... " 


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