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After  the GM heater letter Consumers Union did a test of their own which   
they published in their magazine.  The result was the advice to leave  a  
window cracked for additional ventilation.  I have lost  my copy.   Anyone 
got one they can scan?   

I don't have a copy - Sorry!  But since conspiracy theories are  so "hot" 
these days, how about a good conspiracy theory? Even if not a  conspiracy, 
still a theory!  Even though GM knew about exhaust packing  leakage (if not 
"properly maintained"), GM still installed neoprene O-rings in  pushrod tubes, 
so that the resultant oil leakage would cause some smoke/odor to  be drawn 
into the passenger compartment, via the heater/defroster,  causing  the 
driver or passenger to crack open a vent window to get rid of the smoke,  thus 
also exhausting the carbon monoxide from the leaking exhaust packings,  and 
saving the driver to once again go forth and buy another GM car! Hey,  nobody 
wants to kill their customers!
Of course, that is only a theory! <grin> Perhaps all the carbon  monoxide 
over the years has had some effects.
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro, Corvette

San  Jose, CA

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