<VV> Baffle Snafu

J R Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 15 22:02:33 EST 2010


Even Smitty (TOP GUN VV GURU) admits to getting the sequence wrong at times.

Shrug it off and go on enjoying life (and your Vair).

Later, JR

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Well Ron, if it's in there they sure did a good job of disguising it. UI 
said in
my first post that I had just finished a word search in the Tech Guide 3 I
recently purchased from CORSA and found NO reference to "baffle" at all.
As for the Clark's, why would I look for a tool I didn't know existed? And 
local club is where the whole mess started: they're the ones who recommended 
"reputable shop" in the first place. I thought my best resource was VV. 
Guess I
was wrong about that also!

Byron Comp
'64 Vert
Gainesville, FL

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