<VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

jvhroberts at aol.com jvhroberts at aol.com
Tue Nov 16 18:09:22 EST 2010

I've always loaded the pistons and rods into the cylinders first then 
installed them into the crankcase and onto the crankshaft. Given the 
notch at the bottom on all the 164 CID engines, I've been too 
frustrated doing it your way.

Just my take on it.

John Roberts

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Subject: <VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

I'm practicing using a 'ring compressor' and this thing is NOT easy !!!

First question (Select correct answer) :

A) The piston is installed onto the crank and the cylinder barrel 
over it
B) The cylinder barrel is installed into the crankcase and the piston is
slipped into it
C) Either (A) or (B)

The problem with (A) is that the ring compressor may be too long to fit
between the cylinder barrel and the crankcase, to slip the cylinder 
over the installed piston, and the ring compressor would need to be
disassembled after the piston is installed.

(B) seems easier because you can see what you're doing better, and the 
compressor won't need to be disassembled after the piston is installed.

I have a solution that may have been tried already ?

Here's my idea (unless someone thought of this first ?)
Cut about a 2" - 3" band off the 'bottom' of a cylinder barrel and cut 
into 2 semi-circles.

Use that contraption to squeeze the rings as the piston is installed 
either method (A) or (B) above ?


Has anyone already tried this ?


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